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E “scaping” to the Garlic Field

  Rising early and getting out in the field early in morning is key in the Adirondacks before the sun gets too hot and the bugs come out.  So Saturday morning, early to rise it was!  We were in the field nice and early and began to cut the scapes.  With a little help from my father, my son and…
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    Its starting to get very real on the farm.  The garlic is growing nicely and our e-commerce is underway.  I decided to write a quick blog as I think more and more about the “garlic store”, our pricing and our products. I want explain the difference  between seed garlic and culinary (food grade) garlic.  Despite their names, both…
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Happenings on the Farm

Things on the farm are coming along.  We are gearing up for the season and getting things in order.  The garlic is looking fantastic.  The German Extra Hardy is growing at a faster rate than the other varieties, which I find very interesting.  We received some much needed rain last week and I think the garlic appreciated it, not too much…
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Hardneck Garlic vs. Softneck Garlic

So many people ask the question, what is the difference between softneck garlic and hardneck garlic?  I am going to give you my best shot at explaining what the differences are.  Hopefully this will help you choose the best type of garlic to grow, learn about the different types of garlic, find out which type can be braided, which gives the largest cloves, and…
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beds of spring garlic

Hello Spring

Well here we go, my first blog!  My original plan was to start blogging during the winter months, when there was not a lot going on and as you can see, that did not happen.  So what better time than spring, when things are new and fresh. Speaking of new and fresh, the garlic is up.  We ended up planting…
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