First Annual Garlic Sale Success


So we had our first annual garlic sale on August 14th and what a fun day.  I did not realize how many hours could/would go into a garlic sale, but I do now.  Prior to the sale, I spent days in the barn cleaning and sorting the garlic.  A lot of thought went into the set up and layout and I was pleased with the overall look.  We were busy the entire day!  Throughout the course of the day I met some of the nicest people and we talked garlic.  Who knew you could have an in-depth conversation of garlic?

This was also a great opportunity for us to promote our new line of garlic spice blends, the samples were a hit and I was able to get the spices out into the public. Our Garlic Ranch Blend, and Holy Guacamole were our two best sellers that day.

The support we received was amazing, I am already thinking about next year!