Harvest Complete

harvested garlic hanging to dry


We finished harvesting and hanging the garlic crop yesterday.  It was a long process, but we were fortunate to have some helping hands, which made the process a little easier and quicker.  Trying to get ahead of the weather, we starting pulling Thursday afternoon, continuing through all day Friday.  Both of these days the weather was good, HOT, but no rain.  After a very long day Friday, we had  pulled, bunched and hung over half of the crop.   The plan was to rise early Saturday morning and get the rest of the garlic out of the ground before the rain started.  Unfortunately, we did not get up as early was hoped, but by 7:30 we were out in the field ready to put in another days work.   By 12:00 pm we had all of the garlic out of the ground.  It rained on us, no it poured on us, but the garlic was out of the ground and in the barn.  After quickly changing our cloths, having a bite to eat, back to the barn we went to hang,  Bunching and hanging is enjoyable; its a nice time reflect on what we need to do next year, what went well, talk about the garlic variety that is being hung, and admire the fruits of our labor!