seed vs. culinary



Its starting to get very real on the farm.  The garlic is growing nicely and our e-commerce is underway.  I decided to write a quick blog as I think more and more about the “garlic store”, our pricing and our products.

I want explain the difference  between seed garlic and culinary (food grade) garlic.  Despite their names, both are edible, but “seed” garlic is the biggest, best, nicest premium bulbs of each variety.  Culinary garlic or food grade garlic has smaller bulbs that do not meet our seed planting standards.  These smaller garlic bulbs are the same naturally, grown garlic varieties as our seed garlic, but just a little smaller in bulb size.

We will offer both culinary and seed garlic in our e-commerce store and we will be carrying a line of garlic based spices.  I am very excited about the culinary part of the business and I am looking forward to launching our e-commerce soon!